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Actionable intelligence for research firms, agencies and end users

Research Expertise and Then Some

Our qualitative and quantitative studies are crafted down to the industry, application and respondent type.


We have conducted thousands of interviews, focus groups, usability sessions, ethnographic observations and more.


Our telephone and online quant studies are geared specifically for your purposes and based on proven best practices.


Fortune 500 clients expect nothing less than mastery from their research suppliers. Review our industries and clients below.


Our B2C experience isn't just as a supplier, it's also as a client. We know what you need, when and how you need it.

Been There, Done That

With Stat One Research, you receive maximum ROI from design to deliverables because Tom is involved in every facet of your study.

Great sales performance is enabled when buyer circumstances, needs, preferences, experiences, and realities are understood and acted upon.
How We Work

Our Process

Stat One studies are very easy to implement. As an example, here are the steps for a win/loss study:


  • Start meeting
  • We design instrument
  • You provide list
  • We fill in gaps


  • Current customers
  • Past customers
  • Lost accounts
  • New prospects


  • What works
  • What doesn't
  • When, how and why
  • The "Blueprint"


Our work spans hundreds of studies in over a dozen industries. As a result, your study is optimized in every phase of the research process.

Industrial, B2B and B2C

We have experience in a wide range of industrial, B2B and B2C engagements for research firms, agencies and end users of all sizes.

Technology and Telecom Qual and Quant Studies
Range of B2B/ Industrial Qual and Quant Studies
Financial Services Qual and Quant Studies
Healthcare Qual and Quant Studies
Advertising Qual and Quant Studies
Public Relations Qual and Quant Studies
Media and Entertainment Qual and Quant Studies
Digital/ Specialized Qual and Quant Studies
Travel/ Hospitality Qual and Quant Studies

Sample Pricing on B2B High Ticket Win/Loss Studies

Our pricing compares favorably to that of other established research/consulting firms with expertise in win/loss analysis. If you have conducted these studies before, you know this pricing is an outstanding value. It's the same for other types of studies.

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